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  #             Street (or P.O. Box)                                                                      Apt # or Space
City                                                          State                 Zip+4/Postal Zone                                                   Country
Telephone: ­ (      )______________________Publish Telephone?  Yes   No (circle)   FAX #:(___)______________________________
Birth date:_______________________  
May we publish Date of Birth:  Yes  No (circle)  Recommended by:


Bluegrass Ramble ____ Country Fanfare ____ Cowboy Fred’s Country
Music ____
Country Music Spotlight ____
Culture Quest ____ Gospel Music ____ Gloryland Gospel Time ____ Jazz/Big Band ____
Listener’s Choice ____ Love Songs of Yesterday/Today ____ Music of the 50’s & 60’s ____ Music of Yesteryear ____
Music of Yesteryear Country Style ____ Music & OTR “Library” ____ Nostalgia ____ Red Room ____
(OTR) Remember Old Time Radio ____ Seek and Sell ____ Rockin’Around the
TRACC ____

Current or Former Occupations:______________________________________________________
Do you want voicespondents?  Yes  No (circle)  Round Robin participation?   Yes  No (circle)

List in order of importance: Interests
(including voicespondents and round robin subjects) and hobbies:_____________________________________________________________________________________________

New to Tape Clubs?  Yes  No (circle)    How many years taping?________________
Are you a Visually Impaired Person?  (VIP) Yes  No (circle)     
May we list you as a VIP or VIP (w/reader)
in club publications? Yes  No (circle)  
If Yes, is it VIP or VIP w/reader? (circle one)  VIP will be sent directory on tape; VIP with Reader will be by print. 

I agree to abide by all club rules
                                                                      Signature                                                  Date
Please paste YOUR RETURN ADDRESS LABEL here  --->
Make check payable to:  TRAC Club and Mail to:
TRAC CLUB - c/o John Rummel, Secretrary/Treasurer,   215 N. Miller,   Wenatchee,  WA  98801-1903
Phone/FAX:  (509) 662-9205             e-mail:
Membership year begins September 1 and ends August 31.
Subscription rate
s.  Membership year begins September 1 and ends August 31 of the next year. (Prorated dues).  (Joined between September and December $12)  5 month membership (Joined between January and May $9).  If you join in the remaining 3 months, dues are $15 to cover last three months of remaining year and next year.  Family rates are $16 for two separate name listings at the same address.
Subscription rate for outside USA is $12 US money anytime of the year.